Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Linen and cotton garments in earthy tones floated down the runway during this show by Spanish designer Karlota Laspalas.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Coordinated lightweight outfits in beige and ochre blended seamlessly into terracotta then grey-green hues.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Baggy T-shirts were worn with slacks held up by handmade lengths of plaited cord.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Grandad-collared shirts, loose cardigans and rolled-up trousers were made from different combinations of linen and cotton to give various weights and textures.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

One of the collection’s main influences was the draped figure of Giuseppe Sammartino’s Cristo Velato marble sculpture.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

Accessories included delicate scarves and snoods, plus linen tote bags.

Believe by Karlota Laspalas

All models had chalked hands and foreheads, and wore white high-topped trainers. Photographs are by Ugo Camera.


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